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Assert Yourself – Master the Benefits of Assertive Behavior

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When we are angry or under pressure, it is highly likely we may react aggressively and lose control. But there is also a possibility we may back down or say nothing. For some people, the latter approach might be helpful as they wouldn’t want to create a fuss but in reality both the approaches won’t produce any positive outcome for you. Instead, it will put a negative impact on your interactions with colleagues, customers, or even friends. So to avoid these situations, you need to develop confidence and such communication skills that can ensure positive outcomes from your interactions with others.


  • Communicate more effectively and improve their personal interactions.
  • Understand the disadvantages of aggressive and passive behaviour
  • Appreciate why how you make your point is just as important as what you say
  • Know how to disagree without being disagreeable
  • Realise the importance of showing respect for others
  • Know how to become an active team member
  • Give and receive constructive feedback.

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