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American Accent Training for IT Professionals

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  • Susan Ryan via Udemy
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You can consider this course to be suitable for all the IT professionals out there who need to learn the American accent to compete with others. There is a particular accent for different IT industry words that, you need to know the correct accent to speak them. Thus with this course, you will be taught to pronounce 150 IT industry words in the right accent. By learning to use the correct syllable stress, you can become capable enough to speak decently the American way. Similarly, you will also learn to speak at an engaging and friendly pace. Moreover, you are going to learn the right accent to pronounce the numbers correctly and much more.


  • Pronounce 150 IT industry words clearly & correctly using the correct syllable stress.
  • Speak with an engaging & friendly pace.
  • Pronounce numbers clearly & correctly.
  • Apply fundamental syllable stress and pronunciation rules to hundreds of related words.
  • Use techniques used by great speakers including Steve Jobs and Vic Gundotra to communicate with influence.

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