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Not sure where to learn to speak English fluently in the American accent? Well, don’t look further because here you can find a variety of all the best American accent courses at reasonable prices. Whether you want to unlock your potential by learning to speak like an American or are an IT professional who wants to communicate properly with others. Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn an American accent from scratch or an experienced professional who wants to improve your existing skills. Whatever you need can be found here. All these American Accent training courses have a good rating and user feedback. And whatever the course you take is going to help you achieve your goal.

Meaning can be altered when listeners don’t understand your vowels.  Changing one vowel slightly can completely change the meaning of a word.  Not spending enough time on one vowel can also change the meaning!  Learn how to correct the American English vowel pronunciation errors that native Chinese speakers frequently make.  The instructor uses a vowel chart to demonstrate the similarities and differences between all the vowels.  Then she describes and shows exactly how to produce each vowel and puts the vowels in example sentences that use advanced vocabulary from professional settings, such as high tech and business.  Quizzes are included to test your understanding of concepts taught.

The written lessons can also be downloaded, so you can follow along and takes notes while watching the videos.  Repetition audio exercises are included so you can listen download them, listen on the go, and repeat the target words over and over until they become part of your muscle memory!  Each time you listen to the sentence, you will notice something different about it and repeat what your hear.   Once you’ve listened and repeated 6-7 times, you’ll be quite good at producing the native sounds demanded by that sentence!   But don’t stop there!  Watch and listen again!  The information is dense, and you will surely focus on something different on your second watch-thru.   Keep practicing!  Students are encouraged to ask the instructor questions and even meet with the instructor to check progress.  You can learn to speak English more clearly!   This class can be taken before or after the course on vowels, or simultaneously.  It is recommended to take vowels and consonants before studying the word stress or rhythm courses.

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