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ACT Prep Course: Strategies to Maximize Your Math Score

ACT Prep Course Strategies to Maximize Your Math Score

Skills to increase your score more in a couple hours than a couple of months of studying.

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What You will Learn?

      • Apply the strategies learned in this course to dramatically improve their ACT score.
      • Increase number of colleges sending acceptance letters
      • Increase merit based scholarships
      • Take pride in their high ACT score
      • Spot trick questions and how to correctly answer them
      • Use time management to complete the ACT within the time limits
      • Use strategies to correctly answer questions, even if they have no clue the “correct” way to solve them.

Online Course Description:

You have spent years learning math skills and you still don’t feel prepared for the math portion of the ACT. That is because the ACT is not your typical test. Imagine taking the ACT and spotting trick questionsand knowing the other students are missing them, but you quickly bubble the correct answer and move on. Imagine seeing the confusing abstract questions the ACT is notorious for, and knowing exactly how to solve them often with very little math. Imagine getting a top score on the ACT and Universities are banging on your door to enroll you and give you scholarship money.

This could be you but you will need to learn these test taking strategies first. It will be some hard work, but I promise you that it won’t be nearly as hard as what you probably would’ve done without this course, and you will get much better results for your time by taking this course.

The test taking strategies you will learn in this course can improve your ACT score whether math is your favorite subject or your worst subject. The problem most students have is that they spend countless hours studying math that they already learned in high school. However, the ACT is not like any tests that you take in high school. In fact, you can do very well with only basic Algebra and Geometry skills. The reason is that the ACT is designed to create a high variance of scores so that colleges can use it to select students to accept. Both the SAT and ACT test creators fill their tests with trick questions, time wasters, and abstract problems students are unused to solving.

That is why spending more time on the math you already learned in high school won’t help you nearly as much as learning strategies to overcome the unique structure of the test. You don’t need to spend countless hours reviewing the math you already learned. You will improve your ACT score far more by learning these simple strategies designed specifically to breeze through the unique style of questions on the ACT. You will learn proven techniques for: managing your time, how to solve the problems without even using math, how to guess more accurately, and also how to spot trick questions and avoid the mistakes most other students make.

You don’t need to watch hours and hours of videos on how to do math. You already learned far more than you need for the ACT. This course will teach you everything you need to get the ACT scores that can get you in your top school with thousands of dollars in scholarships.

Who this course is for:

      • Students that want to significantly improve their ACT score without spending years studying.
      • Students that are scared of the math section of the ACT
      • Students that work hard but do poorly on tests
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