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Projects in iOS
Learn iOS development building projects.

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What You will Learn?

  • To learn to build projects using IOS APIs
  • To master Xcode 5 and iOS7 SDK
  • To learn to use APIS such as Mapkit, Sensors, View controllers, Multimedia and Camera
  • To learn the process behind mobile apps development
  • To learn about app store for iOS
  • To understand and implement In app purchase, animation and sound

Online Course Description:

This is a course for all programmers who will like to build on their iOS knowledge and create actual apps for the App store. This course assumes basic iOS programming knowledge but is still ideal for beginners as we are covering the APIs in detail before using them to build the projects.

This course covers the most popular APIs for iOS7 and you will be able to understand the core concepts behind the popular apps. This is the course which will help you bring your ideas to life. This is a practical and step by step guide for mastering apps development in iOS and it uses the latest Xcode 5 and iOS7 SDK for all its content.

The course with the help of practical projects will teach you the following:

  • Xcode 5
  • iOS7 APIs
  • App Design and development process
  • App Debugging
  • UI Design
  • iAd Framework
  • Storyboards
  • Mapkit Framework
  • Parse Framework
  • Facebook SDK integration
  • Camera and Photo Gallery Implementation
  • iOS Sensors
  • In App Purchase
  • and much more…

After this course you will be able to build any app you can think of plus you will get royalty free access to the source code of all the projects which you can modify and publish..